Mind - Body - Spirit Martial and Healing Arts Center


Ron Richer, Sensei

Chief Instructor Ron Richer has been practicing and teaching karate for years. He holds the rank of Yon Dan (4th level black belt).

Sensei Richer has a Masters of Social Work degree and an Honors Bachelor of Social Work degree, and a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Sensei Richer est parfaitement bilingue. Il lui fera plaîsir de vous adresser en français.

Our Style

We practice Goju Ryu Karatedo. Our curriculum, cultural heritage, and authentic techniques stem directly from Masters Gōgen Yamaguchi and Shuji Tasaki under the guidance of Seiichi Fujuwara, Hanshi.

We are members of Canada Goshukan, the Seiwa Kai, and the JKF Gojukai. We also belong to the Ontario Karate Federation, Karate Canada, and the World Karate Federation.

Why you should consider taking up karate.

Mind Confidence | Self-control | Memory Retention | Adaptation | Problem Solving
Body Fitness | Endurance | Flexibility | Coordination | Balance
Spirit Respect | Humility | Patience | Integrity | Perseverance

Karate is an individual pursuit. Each student advances at his or her own pace. However, the journey is much more pleasant in the company of others. We hope you will enjoy training and that the skills and friends you acquire here will last you a lifetime.