Mind - Body - Spirit Martial and Healing Arts Center

Programs & Schedule


Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Age 8-11
5:30-6:15pm (guardian must be present)
Age 12+


Karate is very much an individual sport, a personal journey.
The Kokoro dojo is a place where everyone is welcomed and encouraged to come. Everyone has their own reason to learn karate, some its fitness, some it’s to gain confidence, some it’s for dealing with bullies, some for self-defence, others it’s to lose weight, and so on, and so on.
Whatever your reason is you are never too old, too out of shape, too tired, too unmotivated to start.
Remember, everyone had a first day.
The Kokoro dojo is a judgment free and safe environment, where we cultivate a sense of solidarity based on mutual support.
The Kokoro dojo uses a strength based approach with the goal of developing robust traits such as self-discipline, self-esteem, developing a positive outlook and assertiveness, a spirit of continuous improvement, a way of life while striving to cultivate good character, perseverance, endurance, responsibility.
Please don’t let your self-talk get in the way of this amazing journey.
Join us, start your karate journey today!!
Richer Sensei